Latex Signage Printing text
Banners, Canvases, Window Graphics,
Decals, Posters and Wall Coverings.
Fast turnaround instant dry latex ink printing.
No extended curing period needed.
Prints can last outdoors up to 3 years unlaminated,
up to 5 years laminated.
Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi and 1.37 m (54 in) breadth seamless.
Makes for great viewing close up.
High-quality, odorless, low maintenance, and health advantages,
even over eco-solvent inks, for sensitive indoor applications.
Latex Inks meet high indoor air quality standards,
through international enviromental certifications
Scratch and abrasion resistance very comparable to hard-solvent
inks on Self Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) and PVC banners.
Outdoor durability and versatility across all common media types
used in sign and display applications.
No lamination needed for short-term signage on most media.
Textile and fabric printing, including uncoated and natural fibers.
Create eye-catching promotional displays on all types of media, including low-cost uncoated and traditional offset papers.
Latex Canvases can be stretched and folded without cracking.
Latex compatible media includes paper, cotton and polyester fabrics,
textile, vinyl, satin, gesso coated, and inkjet coated canvases.
Latex Inks conform to the media surface, preserving gloss
and surface characteristics.
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Title Text Display Applications
Fast Food Window Graphics
Window Graphics
Mesh Window Graphics Sample
Mesh Window Graphics
Fast Food Window Graphics
Point of Purchase Posters
Vehicle Window Graphics and Decals
Vehicle Graphics, Decals
Backlite Banner
Backlite Banners
Event Banner
Event Banners
Event Banner
Exhibition Banners
Display Banners
Display Banners
Display Banners
Wall Prints
Interior Decoration
Interior Decoration
exterior Signage
Exterior Signage
Latex Poster Printing
Latex Paper Printing
exterior Signage
Title Text Environmental Benefits
Latex prints go everywhere eco-solvent prints can't.
Latex inks have no odor or leachates.
Latex inks are water based inks with all the advantages
   of eco-solvent inks without the environmental downsides.
Perfect for indoor school and healthcare uses.
Perfect for use with PVC-free wall covering media.
Requires no special ventilation.
UL ECOLOGO Certified Latex Inks that meet
   a range of stringent human health criteria.

UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certified Latex Inks that meet
   low emmision standards into indoor air during usage.

AgBB Certified Latex Inks that meet low Volatile Organic
   Compound (VOC) emmisons of indoor building products.
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